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Our Story

Create your own perfume is the concept of this niche brand of perfume, MyPerfume by AW. The concept was to bring back the art of personally curated perfumes, to replace the mundane brands and send across a simple message that the best fragrance is that which is truly yours. Its time to think differently about the perfumes we use, to explore the possibility of having your own personal perfume, similar to having your own style.

MyPerfume aims at delivering something unique. Something YOU.

Scents are emotional: they trigger memories, inspire you, transport you. We help you craft your own custom blended fragrances that reflect you and your journey.


MyPerfume by AW, is the brain child of Anahita Wassan, who was already a part of her family run aerosol filling business. Seeing different fragrances being created everyday at their plant, Anahita developed a keen interest in the process and decided to create perfumes for her friends. To make it a little different, she customised the bottles with their initials or names, and thus MyPerfume was born.

The product was a complete hit and Anahita decided to take it a step further and create a brand of her own. A Major in English Literature, Anahita may not have formal education about perfumes, but her experience and love for what she does makes her as unique and different as the product she has to offer.