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February 26, 2017

Shower or Perfume?

From time to time we keep hearing alternative variations of the following witticisms-
“Nerdy is the new sexy!”. “Fit is the new sexy!”. “Smart is the new sexy!” Touche’, touche', touche’!

Here’s another one for you-
“Lazy is the new sexy!” Umm…what?

NO way! That is one thing I can certainly vouch for. Laziness in any form and in any situation never did any good to anybody. Least of all when it comes to personal hygiene.

It’s funny how somebody that I used to know(you’ll just find out why in a minute), genuinely believed showers are unnecessary and that one could just use perfumes instead. Every single day. That’s right. One less name and number in my contacts list.

Now, I love my perfume dearly, but to say that it can completely eliminate the need for showering and cleansing myself is pushing it!

In fact, showering can actually make your perfume last longer. This is simply because our skin absorbs better when it is warm. It’s advisable to bathe in warm water to allow the pores of the skin to open and absorb better. I make sure to use a body wash or soap that is unscented or has a very little scent of its own as I do not want the smell of my perfume to clash with the smell of my soap.

I’ve also experienced washing my hair also makes a big difference if I plan on using the perfume in my hair. I make sure to condition my hair thoroughly so that they are soft and receptive of my perfume. Although using a fragrance that's high in alcohol can dry them out. Instead use fragrances that are designed specifically for the hair.
It’s fascinating how a fragrance alone can give us a different air, reinforce our confidence and make us feel more attractive. Every scent fits somewhere for a different feeling, occasion, and mood.

Fragrances with floral and fruity scents are for feminine and playful days. Woody scents make strong statements for me everyday. I choose luxurious oriental scents when I’m feeling classy and ready to walk down a red carpet. And I find warm spicy and vanilla smells resonate well with my sensual side.
Also, moisturizing is key! After showers are the best time to exert liberty over generous slathering of body butter/cream/lotion/oil.
I always find my skin is more openly receptive to my perfume when it's well moisturized.
The perfume has better chances to lock onto your skin if it is smooth and soft, rather than dry and rough
I always make sure I spray my perfume on my pulse points.. Doing so increases the effectiveness of the fragrance, and does not cause me to lose so much of the smell through the day.

Contrary to popular belief and practice, perfume should NOT be sprayed on clothes.

The fragrance that you wear is a direct reflection of your state of mind and is an extension of your personality. As soon as I enter a room I expect the introductory whiff of my perfume to make a lasting impression that perhaps I might fail to make.

A person bathed in perfume in order to cover up their personal ignorance and disregard to basic hygiene is never appealing, least of all, appreciated.

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